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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Red Raj Henna Powder Review by LadyLavender©2015

                                        I have decided to take the plunge to henna my hair

                                                 with Red Raj, I was going for that
Not So Loud Yet Glowing Auburn Red And that is what i call (or Label) A Fancy Red!!!
Here are some other Beauties Flaunting this certain type of reddish Hues!

                          My starting color was previously lightened caramel light copper blonde hair color

                                                                    Almost like this hue
                                              Got my beet juice Ready in boiled white tea
after water is boiled Turn off stove fire, let Acidic White tea Bag ( or chamomile tea, acidic tea mix)
Seep in hot water for 1 hour ( for best Henna color Molecule Release for better stain activity)

                                    I mixed in organic Hibiscus powder to the Red raj henna powder

I mixed in the 1 hour seeped white tea hibiscus tea lukewam water into my red raj henna , hibiscus powder tea mix And let it sit out for 4 hours for dye release
                                         After i let the Red Raj Henna Sit for 4 hours

                                                       Promptly applied Henna on my Hair

then covered with plastic bag for 9 Hours To avoid having to do extra 3 Full Head Applications like my previous Experiences During my years of blogging. 

 First it starts out bright and color did settle within 3-5 days! So Now here is the final Result Of the Red Raj Henna powder plant dye

Day 2 indoor kitchen lighting
                                                      Day 3 Indoor Light Red Raj Henna Powder

                                           Up Next Will Be Moroccan Henna Powder
                                      When my hair calls for it, Thank you for reading and have a great day


  1. This looks really good. I like this colour a lot :-D

    Nice to see you back. Hope you are keeping well and the kids are doing great :-D

    1. Hi Ananka and Thank you, Hope all is well with you too!!!