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Friday, May 15, 2015

Organic Veda Moringa Powder & Moringa Oil Review by LadyLavender©2015


I received a package of  Organic veda special Moringa Health and beauty item imported from India. I placed an order on !
( Super Duper excited)
Left to right:My used up 3 years old used up pasadena moringa oil, Organic Veda Moringa oil from India 
Years ago i have done a review post on Moringa oil distributed from Pasadena.
On September 18,2012!
Fast Forward 3 years later now..... 

I decided to give Organic Veda Moringa products a try Just because this brand moringa products are imported from India with an Adorable price ( because its so affordable!)

And Moringa is native to India after all. India is the motherland for many wonderful healthy human body revitalizing plants as well as Moringa.
Moringa is also reported to be naturally found in Thailand and Africa. Hondura and Hawaii recently started to implement this special plant into their country as well which is an excellent decision anyone can make.

( also included in my Package was a nice informational brochure)

Nice how they explain in this brochure the definition of Ayurveda Ayur meaning life and veda meaning knowledge, So the Organic Veda can also be interpreted as Organic Knowledge ( I like that)

They also offer some interesting range of teas

I opened the Organic Moringa powder and scooped a Half of a teaspoon into a cup of lukewarm water and drank it, my four year old son and my husband drank it too. We all like it. There was no sort of nasty side effect, i had a good (bowel) movement. And its good to know my son can get good source of vitamins this way, before i tried giving him Gummy form of vitamin but i honestly i think its more Candy(ish) than actual healthy vitamin for my growing boy or anyone for that matter. Plus any natural food in dried form is clinically studied to be much more dense in nutrients and vitamins. 

( This was after i had opened it to eat it.)
I can feel & see Organic Veda puts a lot of thought into their products Its beautiful

My old pasadena moringa oil and India Organic Veda Moringa oil

Pasadena moringa oil on left, Organic veda moringa oil to my right

The pasadena moringa oil smells like Fresh leaves,and water, The india Organic Veda Moringa oil also smells like Fresh green leaves that has been hit by raindrops with a slightest bit of tinge of nutty scent smells too good.

Overall i can see and tested for myself Organic Veda stands behind their Fresh Moringa products!

Overall i honestly think Organic veda Moringa powder is Perfect for those seeking health for themselves as well as for families. The Organic Veda organic Moringa powder makes for a great gift for Aging parents, and young family members. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift of life from nature!