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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Liebster Award Repost by LadyLavender©2015

Thank you Reshah! for nominating me with the Liebster award.

("This tag is for the All bloggers, and the 10 questions are made to get to know them better. After you have to tag 10 people with new 10 questions but you have to let them also know that you've tagged them.")

1.What was the last thing you bought?
  Lilac Robe & Rhinestone embedded house slippers
2.What is your favorite fashion store/shop?
  My favorite fashion shop is Ross,Target,H&M, Victorias secret, Forever 21,Sephora, Other stores include Ulta, MAC, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and CVS.
3.Which current celebrity's style do you admire most?
 i chose out a random model that happens to be wearing pieces with elements that is leaning towards modern Youthful Elegance style.

 And if Victoria Secrets models can count as celebrities i would most likely admire the Chic, Youthful, and Casual side of their style.

 4.Favorite Food?
  Korean BBQ,  Pad Thai, Lamb with Hummus, Thai Coconut Soup, Orange Chicken/ Chow Mein,: ) Frog Frozen Blueberry yogurt.............Etc

5.What is a favorite TV show from your childhood?
  HBO Happily Ever after series, and Reading Rainbow
6.What does your dream bedroom look like?

7.Favourite YouTuber/blogger 
  My favorite you tuber is Michelle Phan, my favorite blogger is Xiaxue
8.Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
   One of the hardest thing was actually giving birth. Its all worth it in the end to have given birth to a cute baby son.
9.How many languages can you speak?
   I speak 2 language.
10.Occupation you wanted to be when you where a kid?
     I wanted to be a doctor
Reshah 10 New questions-
  1. If you had to leave the house without foundation, lipstick or eyeliner which one would it be? I would be fine leaving without lipstick
  2. What is your favorite quote? "Joy is the fragrance you smell as you pass by the flowers."
  3. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from? I just thought it was a cool way to share things and protect other peoples wallet by showing swatches and reporting back on product qualities 6 years ago.
  4.  If you were the main character in a movie, which actress would you want to play your role?  
                                I would choose Vanessa Hudgens 
  5. Do you have a comfort food, and what is  it? Honey Cookie
  6. what is your favorite book? Honestly The Bible, Arts & Crafts Color books are cool too
  7. What are your biggest obstacle you have faced in your life? When my parents separated, it was tough.
  8. What are your happiest moments? One of My happiest moments was when my sister and i went to Americas got Talent as contestants the producers suggested and told all the other performers and non performers in the Staples Center to just be happy and dance, they turned up this happy upbeat music ( forgot the name) and everybody started dancing, smiling at each other joining hands, clowns were juggling, kids were giggling,with all walks of life,there was no hatred there, everybody was just happy having a good time of their lives. 
  9. What does your dream house look like? 
  10. What are your biggest fears? Pain

 LadyLavender New 10 Questions 

1.) What is your favorite color?
2.) What other countries would you like to visit someday?
3.) What is your favorite scent?
4.) Would you prefer Kitten or Puppy?
5.) What is your favorite Food?
6.) What is your favorite hair color?
7.) What is one thing you cannot tolerate?
8.) What makes you happy?
9.) where is your favorite Place to eat and drink?
10.) Who is your all time favorite beauty role model?
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  1. Well done on the nomination :-D I'm liking your dream house :-)

    Thanks for my tag :-D