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Monday, June 2, 2014

Best Shampoo for Healthy Hair & Scalp by LadyLavender©2013

There are a few options of more better Ph balanced shampoo and conditioner ingredient containing hair products to promote healtheir hair and scalp.They are a bit more demanding in cost of pricing. Really overall if you think about it, you can spend $1.00 30x overtime on a Dollar Suave Shampoo that will lead you to a critical scalp conditions that leads to dry itching flaking scalp and hair shedding because of reduction of healthy hair follicle oil. Might as well skip the $1 Suave shampoo purchase 30 times patiently and splurge on a healthier hair product.
      Not all great shampoo are retailed at $30.00. Aubrey Organics offers exceptionally wonderful well blended hair healthy products with prices ranging from $3-14. They are always doing continuous research in efforts to put up gentle body care items with knowledge.

Daeng gi meori otherwise known as the Magic shampoo in korea is also well known among shampoos that are formulated for scalp health 

  And most importantly if you have busy lifestyle or just don't consume foods that will promote hair growth. Invest in a good healthy nutrient Pill bottle for a full lush hair to keep for all age to come to maintain that healthy and abundent youthful appearance.


  1. I'm quite bad when it comes to shampoos - I do tend to use the cheaper ones. And I rarely use conditioner either! My hair seems okay though - must have been getting away with it for years! LOL.

    1. You are blessed and healthy! usually i find myself just fine skipping conditioner too. The mainstream conditioners are not good for scalp anyways. Hair scalp health also depends greatly with combination of Diet and Hormone as we all age. When i was 14 years old My hair was THICK thick thick, i used to get non stop compliments from hair stylists, classmates and random people. When i turned 21 and i was yo yo dieting, stressing, my hair shedded a bit. Not too noticeable but definitely felt thinner than before my mom, sis, and old classmate pointed out. I switched shampoo, don't skimp on water and food rich in Vitamin B's and i am seeing regrowths, and baby hair growing on my scalp. I also believe the Prenatal vitamin & pregnancy is contributing to my healthier hair state.

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