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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick Swatch Lingerie Pink by LadyLavender©2013

Yves Saint Laurent Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick is a feathery lightweight yet pigmented lipstick.

 I first tried this lipstick in shade fetish pink in 2009 ( 5 years ago from today) Which i did end up returning thinking that the staying power of this lipstick did not live up to my standards.

 I really thought the Yves Saint Laurent radiant lipstick was one of the Weirdest lipstick formula ever to be made on the planet. However i recently ran into a lipstick which was similar in consistency (smells very much like Estee Lauder Lipstick) but is called Loreal Colour Caresse lipstick.

 Now i have come to a point in life where i actually do appreciate this watery feather light color pigmentation. Ever since i came to notice whether it be certain Mac lipstick formula, Wet N Wild, and a few Maybelline lipstick makes my lips feel its been masked with thick paint that suffocates my lips leaving it hopeless and dry eventually wrinkling it up to a level where its desperately begging for Eos Lipbalm or better yet a switch to a more hydrating lipstick.
I can see both young and mature women happily using Yves Saint Laurent Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick.

Overall the price you are paying for is the unique one of a kind elegant / exquisite lipstick tube with a watery non drying Hydrating lip color. I think it does appeal to all  lipstick fanatic collectors out there. It really is a luxury piece of artwork.

So I had decided to give it another shot with a new shade choice of Lingerie Pink.

  The yves saint laurent lipstick in lingerie pink is like a cross between Mac lipstick snob and Angel shade wise. Speaking of which.....

              I was doing some Pink Lipstick Collection swatches and found the Nyx Matte lipstick in pale pink looked strikingly similar to the Yves Saint Laurent Lingerie Pink.

The First time i even tried out Nyx Lipstick was back in 2006 when a lady in a mini swap meet store
suggested it would be something i might like since i was looking for a pales BBY Pink lipstick. She Wouldn't stop bragging about how proud she was that her Granddaughter Toni Ko launched off this Nyx cosmetic brand. Anywho i thought it was so so, the color i like, but the formula i did not. It would not even last an hour. However i see that Nyx has improved this year with the Matte Formula (finally yipee) 

Swatched from left to right Yves Saint Laurent Pink Lingerie, Nyx Pale Pink


  1. This looks so pretty. I think I'll buy it because it is really awesome. Excellent purchase!
    Hugs, ADE♥

    1. Thank you very much! There are many varieties of workable shades. Have fun picking a shade out : )

  2. Beautiful color! :)

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