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Monday, November 18, 2013

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Fragrance Review By LadyLavender©2013

                   ( Too Faced GLamour Gloss swatched on lips in shade Barely Legal)
                                Formula X for Sephora on nails in shade Invincible
          (  Faded Blue Velvet Special Effects Veggie Hair Dye

  Victorias Secret Bombshell is a wonderful remarkably fresh floral scent. It is a mature fruity / floral vanilla blend. It has a very unique composition of Purple Passion fruit, Jasmine, Peony, and Vanilla orchid. I personally think it is a great scent to wear all year round as it is not at all cloying. This scent provokes relaxing energy making it a great way to start the morning with a couple of spritz. VS has been earning a few FiFA Awards and i can defitenity Smell why. Well done Victoria Secret.

                                       These triple threat duo is great for everyday casual wear.