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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Henna All Natural Plant Dye Review by LadyLavender©2013

It has been a little over couple of month being a platinum blonde. My natural color roots are now making its peek. So i will slowly make the hair color transition from this Blonde shade level 10 to Pitch Blue Black shade level 1. All without any sort of chemical use ( None, Whatsoever). I am converting to all natural dye to avoid and prevent unwanted and unexpected PPD reaction to Box dyes. Some people may be allergic to henna Very Rarely just as a few are allergic to peanut and fish. So Although henna is a very safe alternative to chemical dyes still make sure to do an allergy test.
 ( Henna is also safely used to stain skin, is a body art called mehandi. Commonly used for wedding, and religious ritual.)
In my case i have bleached and chemically colored hair. So therefore it is important i only apply pure Baq (body art quality) Henna, and pure Indigo. Believe it or not there are manufactures out there selling so-called Henna that actually is compound henna with metallic salts and PPD, please at whatever cause steer clear from these. Henna compound on damaged hair may cause hair melting, and PPD is a chemical used in chemical box hair colorant which has been banned in Europe. People that have dyed there hair with no problem for over 20 years can shockingly get a sudden severe allergic reaction that leads a person to intensive care unit in hospitalization. To make sure you are buying a packet of pure 100%  pure henna simply make sure ingredient lists Lawsonia Inermis, as for pure indigo ingredient should list Indigofera Tintoria.
 My goal is to color my hair to a deepest blue black. That can only be achieved by doing a 2 step Henna and Indigo application. And multiple more Indigo applications to adjust to desired shade level of black. Indigo Molecule clings onto lawsonia inermes (henna) molecule. So the more Henna base you have on your hair the better your hair will take in the indigo to stay in hair strand permanently. When henna is applied to hair each time on clean, dry , hair with no leave in conditioner or anything else will leave a good dye stain that will get darker each application, and no they don't wash out not even with Dawn dish wash soap. Same goes for Indigo.

 Henna Application Process1-4 times results
I chose to Henna my hair with Harvest Moon Natural Hair dye in red first ( applied full head henna 2 x withen 3 days) 300 gram was enough for 2x full head application for my layered cut thick bra strap length hair. in order to avoid a orange ginger color. I fully followed the instructions, Henna usually releases dye when mixed with something acidic like orange juice, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice. But Henna huts henna can be just mixed with water. Although the direction says leave on for 2 hours i left mine on for 6 hours. Henna is pure and safe and beneficial to your hair so leaving on longer won't cause any harm to your scalp and hair.
( Hennaing is very different from dying with a gel or liquid like chemical box dye, and very messy)
Wear a shirt you don't care about, make sure to comb each strands of sectioned hair to distribute the henna thoroughly.

This Harvest moon hair dye i got from hair dye gave my finger a good orange stain on my finger, a sure way you are using pure good henna

Put the plastic bag over henna head to keep henna moist to allow deep dye penetration to hair

First time henna color saturation with Harvest Moon Hair dye

Second time henna color saturation with Harvest Moon Hair dye

on the third and fourth time henna application I used this brand i got from
 I had a few fresh lemond sliced up to help henna in releasing the dye for a good stain. I also chose to add Red wine vinegar to my mix just so i will get more of a burgundy result. Only Pure henna can be mixed in a stainless steel bowl. Stainless steel bowl will get henna to release as much dye as possible. 

I squeezed 1 whole lemon juice, then poured in my choice of acidic mix to activate the henna powder.

There it is a chemical free hair dye with 3 simple natural ingredient, Henna (Lawsonia Inermis), Lemon juice, and red wine vinegar, ( you can substitude this with apple cider vinegar as it leaves hair in a better conditon, smells bad but still is good for your hair. So i mixed out the lumps to a yogurt consistency.

I then put a plastic bag over the henna, made sure its air tight, left it kitchen room temperature for 7 hours

I removed the plastic bag, the henna is now a yogurt consistency meaning all the dye from henna has been released and is ready to be applied, one sure way you can tell whether your henna is good quality is how stringy your henna is.

And the fact it stain your skin orange
So i went ahead and did the skin stain test

                                                  Third Henna color saturation

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