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Monday, September 5, 2011

wella charms T-18 white lady toner by LadyLavender©2013

before Wella charms toner

                                                       rinse off Wella t-18 white lady and this is the result.
wella charms toner in T-18 white lady can be applied to an already dried and cleansed bleached yellow banana hair to tone and correct yellow and orange tones resulting in a pale ashy get 2 bottles of this wella t-18 toner add 8 oz of 20 peroxode developer ( it must be 20, not 10,30,or 40 you want to deposit this toner shade not lift.) for 2 bottle apply when mix get purple leave on for 10-12 minute although direction says 30 min.
t-14 is also a popular bleached blonde toner.


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  2. wow do you always dye your hair?
    looks nice xx

  3. Thank you mariella! at least every 2 years i get the urge to change up my hair shade for a drastic change in appearance. I make sure my virgin hair hair at least grows out to a shoulder length.

  4. so pretty, thanks for sharing! following your blog now, here's my makeup blog if you're interested...

  5. You are absolutely gorgeous hun! You most definitely pull off this color!