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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whole Foods Market Food Review by LadyLavender©2016

                     ( I really like this Intricate Geometric pattern Design of the Flower of Life!)
             Also known as the Sacred Geometry ; Near the Grove Location Whole Foods Market )

I just thought i'd do another in depth Whole Foods Market Trip Review. Only this time the reviews will be strictly based on the Health food items they currently sell to consumers. I Would not say 1 market is better than any other market. Each different food store always has something they exclusively sell. I am a frequent Korean market, Trader Joes, Whole Food Market and many other ethnic food store shopper. However when i happen to be at Whole Foods Market I feel like Ratatouille roaming the whole foods market floor, smelling the Aromas, feeling like a Fish in water happy to have met the water as if we belong! ok anyways, I am going to be mentioning some great foods worth making the market trip for, or just even something to pick up while you are at it anyways.

  Up first is Ceylon Cinnamon, Imported from sri lanka India. This is a kind of special cinnamon that has been clinically studied to show it can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

            All their Variety of Organic line of Spices,herbs, sea salt, himalaya Salt are worth investing in
            As they Bring A whole lot more flavor to home cooked dish meal as well as make it healthful.             Plus they stay dry and fresh throughout the whole year.

I Noticed How this White Kiawe Honey Tastes Identical to Wee Bee Honey
Whole Foods Used to carry Wee Bee Honey But not anymore Good thing Many Online
Health food Shop Sells it though!

            As I have mentioned Surprisingly Wee Bee Honey is White too, Looks, feels, and tastes a bit like "rare" Hawaiin Honey. ;  )
    This local honey taste is different from last 2 other honeys here in this post. I Actually Favor This Really Raw Honey over the other 2 honey

                                  Trader Joes actually started selling imported Aloe water
                                                   ( LOVE ALOE WATER)

               These are a variety of Chocolates selling at Whole Foods Market
                            I tasted Em ALL and found the TOP 3 best tasting Chocolate Winner is ...

   ..... Mast Brothers Dominican Republic Chocolate 72%Cacao And Chuao Spicy Maya Chocolate!

 The Chuao Spicy Maya Chocolate taste reminds me of the Mexico grandmas picture Cocoa Block I once tried at my friends house. The Chuao chocolate of course is a regular chewable chocolate

         where as to these cocoa blocks Must be mixed into warm milk or water. I learned the Hard way last time.

                                     Love the Fact this chocolate Does not Contain Soy lecithin.

                        This Salazon Chocolate Bar Looks like a map So well made

                                 Sprouts market sells this special pomegranate juice

Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Many Online Health Shop Sells Cod Liver Fish oil that is Extremely beneficial to the Human Body (However what works for 1 may not always work for others this was the case with this cod liver oil and My Sensitive SELF)

( I Had an allergic reaction to cod liver oil within 5 minutes I got itchy and Broke out in Hives. Now i am Certain with this Because it happened all 3 different times i had consumed a spoon of the cod liver oil. I was not too much surprised because it does run in the family my mom actually is allergic to it, But I did not think it would happen to me. Kyani Sunset Cold Pressed Wild alaskan Salmon Natural gel caps did so much Better for my body! I Did not have any reaction in 5, 15, or 20 minutes time pass. I was actually pretty shocked i also suffer Insomnia but this Cold pressed omega 3, Patent Tocotrienols allowed me to sleep well, and my inflamed and swollen skin condition from the cod liver oil Calmed Down, and helped it to reverse to a happy state ( this is my personal experience) Im very happy my friend tiffany introduced me to this as sunset and other Kyani sunrise and Nitric oxide is is Fresh, pure, and Effective!

Its Great to know they have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee -(minus)Tax/ shipping, Even when the whole bottles used up. Talk about great Customer Service

This Extra Virgin Olive oil brand has an informational website

 I Find a tiniest drop of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the back of my hands to be soothing and moisturizing to my skin and Under eyes, Great for Cooking and a little skincare too, Cool

            Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon makes for a Great Sweet Cinnamon Baked Sweet Potato
               ( Not the photo I took, Using As Sample Photo Courtesy of another Blogger)

I  Preheat Oven to 415 for 10 Minutes, I put in 3-5 Sweet Potatoes on Lightly Olive Oiled Baking pan Without Poking Holes on sweet potatoes. I Time the oven extra 60 Minutes to fully bake potatoe and drizzle the Premixed Honey and half a Teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon Mix onto the Fully Baked potato. I wait 25-30minutes for the potatoes to Cool down then Serve. Taste like Sweet Cinnamon Pie!

           Trader Joes Dry Fruit Leather belt in Apple Raspberry Flavor is the Best for snaking when craving Candy, really is a healthier alternatives to Sour belts!

                                                               This Beverage is Lovely
             Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Pavillions and many other Market do Carry this
              Premium Ginger brew is wonderfully carbonated, mildly sweet Ginger drink. The overall
     Taste and feel of this Sparkling Ginger Drink is CLEAN & Lovely!!! I honestly can't get            enough of this. In a way this beverage tastes like a real mild crisp clean honey ginger soda. My Good Friend Angela introduced me to this wonderful drink this New year and haven't looked back since.

                      Last But Not Least The Whole Foods Bakery is something to tune into.
                      My Top 4 Favortie Whole Foods Dessert Picks Worth Blogging about is their
                                      Delicious Fruit Tarts! Glazed With Apricot Goodness

                          The Whole Foods Fruit Tarte comes made in small and medium Large Size
                                      Their Banana Cream Pie is GREAT

              Whole Foods Parfait to me tastes like Strawberry Shortcake in a cup, Nice

                     Now this Flourless Chocolate Cake was recommended to me by a Whole Foods Market Bakery Chef. He told me " You've Gotta Try this This has been our best Seller For 10 TEN Years!!!"
I Replied ok Thank you, i ate some and i was Blown Away at How RICH in Texture and Chocolate Flavor this is.


Different Foods Works Well For Different Individuals Needs Most of  us Intuitively Know When we Crave
Thanks for visiting by and Reading, Have a Great Day!!!